Gel Nail Wrap FAQs

Hardly Any Damage to the Nails

Our Gel Nail Wraps are already semi-cured during production (not on your nails!)

Come experience Nail Your GLOW Gel Nail Wraps’ no fuss, no soak, no file removal process. It is much kinder to your nails than the standard gel nail removal that involves soaking your nails in chemicals and then filing layers off the top of your nails afterwards.

Check out the "How to Remove" video here

Waterproof? Absolutely!

We have literally climbed up waterfalls wearing Nail Your GLOW Gel Nail Wraps and they past the test with flying colours! Check out our Instagram @nailyourglow for proof 😍

Nails that shine as bright as your smile ✨

Gel Gel Baby

Nail Your GLOW Gel Nail Wraps are made with real gel! You can gently stretch the edges of the wraps to get the perfect fit for your nails!

Check out the "How to Apply" video here

Your nose, as well as people around you will thank you

Because our Gel Nail Wraps are odourless, we have done our nails whilst waiting for a flight, when we were babysitting, during our lunch hour… the possibilities are endless!

Why settle when you can dazzle 💎